Our Story

We used to listen to fairytales when we were kids. At the end, three apples fell from heaven to reward the good.

We were inspired by such fairytales while we were searching a name for our Hotel in Taksim,Tarlabaşı, one of the most authentic and spiritual districts of Istanbul. Tarlabaşı was established for residential purposes around 1535 in close proximity to Taksim; especially convenient for people who worked in the embassies at Pera and Karaköy and also in various business and governmental positions.

When we were looking for a site for our Hotel, we wanted it to reflect the soul of Istanbul and the millions things that make its character; its complexity, diversity, contrasts, melancholy, chaos, greatness, richness and poverty, timelessness, indifference, vanity, glamour, power and history.

We believe Taksim and Tarlabaşı are the best places to reflect that soul. We also wanted to create an environment where we could make a good example of Turkish hospitality.

We know that you’re coming from all around the world, traveling all those miles, looking for a pleasant place to stay, in order to enjoy all the beauties, surprises and excitment that Istanbul has to offer. And we thrive to make your experience an unforgettable one.

In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in going the extra mile to exceed your expectations. We are not a five star hotel, we are a small boutique hotel who inspires to offer a five star service, in a nice, cosy, friendly atmosphere.

We hope to have the chance to be your host and have the pleasure to make you feel special at Three Apples.